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King Diamond ‎– Songs For The Dead Live

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Box Set, Limited EditionTo 3000 Copies, Numbered 1482/3000, 2 × DVD, 1 x CD Digipak ,CD, Album, Cardboard Sleeve Blu-ray, Slimcase. Box Also Includes: + Poster (18" x 24")+ Show Flier(8.5" x 11")+ VIP Laminate+Setlist+Show Ticket+ Backstage Sticker Pass, Brand New, Sealed From Factory.


Tracklist :

Blu-Ray - Fillmore

BR-1.1 Out From The Asylum

BR-1.2 Welcome Home

BR-1.3 Sleepless Nights

BR-1.4 Eye Of The Witch

BR-1.5 Halloween

BR-1.6 Melissa

BR-1.7 Come To The Sabbath

BR-1.8 Them

BR-1.9 Funeral

BR-1.1 0Arrival

BR-1.11 A Mansion In Darkness

BR-1.12 The Family Ghost

BR-1.13 The 7th Day Of July 1777

BR-1.14 Omens

BR-1.15 The Possession

BR-1.16 Abigail

BR-1.17 Black Horsemen

BR-1.18 Insanity

Blu-Ray - Graspop

BR-2.1 Out from the Asylum

BR-2.2 Welcome Home

BR-2.3 Sleepless Nights

BR-2.4 Halloween

BR-2.5 Eye Of The Witch

BR-2.6 Melissa

BR-2.7 Come To The Sabbath

BR-2.8 Them

BR-2.9 Funeral

BR-2.10 Arrival

BR-2.11 A Mansion In Darkness

BR-2.12 The Family Ghost

BR-2.13 The 7th Day Of July 1777

BR-2.14 Omens

BR-2.15 The Possession

BR-2.16 Abigail

BR-2.17 Black Horsemen

BR-2.18 Insanity

DVD 1 - Fillmore

DVD1-1. Out From The Asylum

DVD1-2. Welcome Home

DVD1-3. Sleepless Nights

DVD1-4. Eye Of The Witch

DVD1-5. Halloween

DVD1-6. Melissa

DVD1-7. Come To The Sabbath

DVD1-8. Them

DVD1-9. Funeral

DVD1-10. Arrival

DVD1-11. A Mansion In Darkness

DVD1-12. The Family Ghost

DVD1-13. The 7th Day Of July 1777

DVD1-14. Omens

DVD1-15. The Possession

DVD1-16. Abigail

DVD1-17. Black Horsemen

DVD1-18. Insanity

DVD 2 - Graspop

DVD2-1. Out From The Asylum

DVD2-2. Welcome Home

DVD2-3. Sleepless Nights

DVD2-4. Halloween

DVD2-5.  Eye Of The Witch

DVD2-6.  Melissa

DVD2-7.  Come To The Sabbath

DVD2-8. Them

DVD2-9. Funeral

DVD2-10. Arrival

DVD2-11. A Mansion In Darkness

DVD2-12. The Family Ghost

DVD2-13. The 7th Day Of July 1777

DVD2-14. Omens

DVD2-15. The Possession

DVD2-16. Abigail

DVD2-17. Black Horsemen

DVD2-18. Insanity

CD 1 - Fillmore

CD1-1. Out From The Asylum

CD1-2. Welcome Home

CD1-3. Sleepless Nights

CD1-4. Eye Of The Witch

CD1-5. Halloween

CD1-6. Melissa

CD1-7. Come To The Sabbath

CD1-8. Them

CD1-9. Funeral

CD1-10. Arrival

CD1-11. A Mansion In Darkness

CD1-12. The Family Ghost

CD1-13. The 7th Day Of July 1777

CD1-14. Omens

CD1-15. The Possession

CD1-16. Abigail

CD1-17. Black Horsemen

CD1-18. Insanity

CD 2 - Graspop

CD2-1. Out From The Asylum

CD2-2. Welcome Home

CD2-3. Sleepless Nights

CD2-4. Halloween

CD2-5. Eye Of The Witch

CD2-6. Melissa

CD2-7. Come To The Sabbath

CD2-8. Them

CD2-9. Funeral

CD2-10. Arrival

CD2-11. A Mansion In Darkness

CD2-12. The Family Ghost

CD2-13. The 7th Day Of July 1777

CD2-14. Omens

CD2-15. The Possession

CD2-16. Abigail

CD2-17. Black Horsemen

CD2-18. Insanity


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